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Good Day!

Couple of different things going on today!

Well for one, its Dad weekend at UI so their are parents everywhere! Happy for all of those who’s parents where able to come down.

Day So far is going well. Woke up, got ready and headed off to a presentation held by my beautiful Gamma sisters from Eastern University Colony. Spend a good two hours just hanging with the sistahs.lol. Then I was off to work at the Copy center till 5:15. Arrived to find a nice surprise in the fridge. My awesome co worker Ari left a salad for muah. Then off I go again to head over to my friends place to help them get ready for the Lambda banquet, (Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc). Then off to the lambda dance at 9 pm and I get to hang out with my GAO sisters some more (GAMMA ALPHA OMEGA Sorority, Inc).

Guranteed Good times! :)

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